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Friends of Schlub Brass

Why Monster Oil? Because it was developed by three professional trumpet players/nerds who know EXACTLY what they need in a valve oil. Monster Oil was tested over the course of a year with some of the best brass musicians on all different instruments. We've put in the extra time on this project because...well, because theoretical astrophysics bores us, we can only teach ourselves so many languages, and the Constitution forbids the three of us from being President at the same time. You work hard enough to play your instrument---we don't want you to have to think about whether your valve oil is going to work today. That's why.


It's a family run business, we craft each single piece in house, nothing is outsourced and everything is tailored to your needs.

We manufacture a line of wooden mutes for brass instruments, using state of the art CNC equipment, the finest hardwoods, and the highest quality woodworking materials available.  Our customers refer to our mutes as "works of art" that play extremely well.

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